Sunday Snap : Snapping Back

After suffering from a random flu/asthma attack last week (not covid- yep other ailments do exist!), I finally found myself better enough for a big walk on Sunday.

Actually am lying, I was better enough on Saturday, so much so that I went to two classes back to back : power pump and dance fitness. They were both amazing and made me feel so much better. Like Rocky Balboa better.

In fact, I looked at the woman in the mirror (chamone hee hee) and could see the changes that I had been working so hard for. Look Captain! There’s a fucking waist on the horizon !!

It is around this time last year that I had made my weights purchase. The goal was to start lifting weights and uplifting myself.

It is working well and I am very proud of myself! *Pats self with newly built muscles*

I managed to pull myself back from self deprecating thoughts and happily took photos of myself eyebags and all.

I hadn’t realised how bad these stupid “beauty modes” on phones are. You think you’re just “fixing” a little issue, but the reality is that it creates a distortion with what you actually are and see in the mirror.

Thankfully I turned mine off and am happy to report a normal face and be proud and thankful for it.

In all, I feel very positive and proud of my progress this year.

Onwards and upwards and off to the catwalk in 2022!

With Love & Strong Biceps,


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