Saturday Night Musical Musings

This is probably the lack of sleep but my thoughts are very disordered today. More disordered than a System of a Down lyric. I feel like something in my gut is warning me about something not quite right this evening (no, it’s not food poisoning)…and I know that I probably shouldn’t entertain that thought, but sometimes the bad part of my brain takes over and … Continue reading Saturday Night Musical Musings

My Life in 2022…So Far 💪🎸

Exercise hard! Practice hard rock … Hard! Work in living my best life and being my best self …and not looking hard hahaha! My days are crazy lately – am covering projects from Australia to Brazil via the US and my hours are nuts. But so proud of myself as I’m exercising 4-5 times a week and practicing guitar too! Gains and Guitars, what else … Continue reading My Life in 2022…So Far 💪🎸