⚡💃Landlords, Shitlords & Guitar Chords💃⚡

As I’m writing this, the land(shit)lord – to whom I have dutifully paid rent to over the last 4 years- is argueing about a barbeque left in the garden … A goddamn barbecue which was there when I moved in. *Facepalms the landlord a la Mike Tyson* I swear to God, this saga is drawing on for much longer than it needs to be. Not … Continue reading ⚡💃Landlords, Shitlords & Guitar Chords💃⚡

The Cash Cow and The Coward … A (G)r(oss)Mance Story⚡💔

Too long didn’t read: Men suck. I have time to read bullshit on the internet: once upon a time there was a chick who was in love and did some stupid shit against her better judgement. To her defense, she trained as a lawyer, not a judge. And that is not hearsay (I’m watching way too much of the Depp/Heard trial, can you tell?). She … Continue reading The Cash Cow and The Coward … A (G)r(oss)Mance Story⚡💔

Bubbles, Brain Fog & Bad Bougie Food

Dear Internet. I tried. I tried. I really did try. To do what, you sexy AI bots may ask? To apply make up and make myself photogenically presentable. To not let my inner sassy bitch destroy everything in sight when I couldn’t find the remote control for the actual camera, and give up to passively watch some YouTube instead (something the outer sassy bitch would … Continue reading Bubbles, Brain Fog & Bad Bougie Food

Saturday Night Musical Musings

This is probably the lack of sleep but my thoughts are very disordered today. More disordered than a System of a Down lyric. I feel like something in my gut is warning me about something not quite right this evening (no, it’s not food poisoning)…and I know that I probably shouldn’t entertain that thought, but sometimes the bad part of my brain takes over and … Continue reading Saturday Night Musical Musings

My Life in 2022…So Far 💪🎸

Exercise hard! Practice hard rock … Hard! Work in living my best life and being my best self …and not looking hard hahaha! My days are crazy lately – am covering projects from Australia to Brazil via the US and my hours are nuts. But so proud of myself as I’m exercising 4-5 times a week and practicing guitar too! Gains and Guitars, what else … Continue reading My Life in 2022…So Far 💪🎸

Sunday Snap : Snapping Back

After suffering from a random flu/asthma attack last week (not covid- yep other ailments do exist!), I finally found myself better enough for a big walk on Sunday. Actually am lying, I was better enough on Saturday, so much so that I went to two classes back to back : power pump and dance fitness. They were both amazing and made me feel so much … Continue reading Sunday Snap : Snapping Back

Alternative eBay Haul 👙👢

I am currently addicted to Ebaying and Depoping. There is something really enjoyable to me about scrolling through endless items and spotting cute bargains. That rush as your paypal account gets drained … but your flat gets filled with ethical parcels before Christmas, yay! Here are some of the latest bits and bobs I have nabbed on Ebay. I love a good Ebay haul, especially … Continue reading Alternative eBay Haul 👙👢

A Bag Lady at the V&A’s Bags Inside Out Exhibition 👛👜

Am I trying to make myself look cultured by having two consecutive posts about Museum visits? Not on purpose, but I’ll take the hit!  I have not posted in a while because I have been insanely busy as well as going through a lot of random stuff. On the plus side, I had a fantastic time in Edinburgh for Halloween (yeah the post is gonna … Continue reading A Bag Lady at the V&A’s Bags Inside Out Exhibition 👛👜

Alice : Curiouser and Curiouser – A Trip to the V&A (Blog)

As part of my ongoing efforts to shake the funk out of my life (well, not all of it, as am actually going to a disco event in November oop oop!), I booked a ticket to the Alice : Curiouser and Curiouser exhibition at the V&A museum. And there I was, awake at 8am on a freaking Sunday, ready to stumble into the rat hole … Continue reading Alice : Curiouser and Curiouser – A Trip to the V&A (Blog)