⚡💃Landlords, Shitlords & Guitar Chords💃⚡

As I’m writing this, the land(shit)lord – to whom I have dutifully paid rent to over the last 4 years- is argueing about a barbeque left in the garden … A goddamn barbecue which was there when I moved in. *Facepalms the landlord a la Mike Tyson* I swear to God, this saga is drawing on for much longer than it needs to be. Not … Continue reading ⚡💃Landlords, Shitlords & Guitar Chords💃⚡

My Life in 2022…So Far 💪🎸

Exercise hard! Practice hard rock … Hard! Work in living my best life and being my best self …and not looking hard hahaha! My days are crazy lately – am covering projects from Australia to Brazil via the US and my hours are nuts. But so proud of myself as I’m exercising 4-5 times a week and practicing guitar too! Gains and Guitars, what else … Continue reading My Life in 2022…So Far 💪🎸

Sunday Snap : Snapping Back

After suffering from a random flu/asthma attack last week (not covid- yep other ailments do exist!), I finally found myself better enough for a big walk on Sunday. Actually am lying, I was better enough on Saturday, so much so that I went to two classes back to back : power pump and dance fitness. They were both amazing and made me feel so much … Continue reading Sunday Snap : Snapping Back

Killing the Kilos … And the Kardashians🔪💃

On Wednesday 22nd of September, I went to a yoga class. Just like all the other Wednesdays. But on this particular Wednesday,  as I lept towards the floor for a smooth “downward facing dog” – I felt as if I was leaping in the toilet bowl of a nightclub after one too many drinks: I felt nauseous, dizzy and sick. Basically all the drunk side … Continue reading Killing the Kilos … And the Kardashians🔪💃

An F-word Summer: Family Fun in France & Fuck the System!✈️🖕

Let’s start with the beginning : I am firmly anti-covid bullshit; I believe there is a man-made flu virus which is being used to trample humanity and install digital shackles upon us all. This virus is not the destroyer that it is painted to be, however its incumbents are : apartheid, segregation and forced injections of gene therapy products which have never passed even animal … Continue reading An F-word Summer: Family Fun in France & Fuck the System!✈️🖕

Feeling Batshit and Getting My Bat Out 🦇🥊

This week, I have eased off a bit on reading about the dumpster fire that some call “the new normal“. I find myself getting deeply enraged about what I read and see, and can recognise that it is not a healthy place to be (the gym is a much better place). It doesn’t help that I have been watching martial arts movies night after night, … Continue reading Feeling Batshit and Getting My Bat Out 🦇🥊